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Parent Teacher Association

As the largest volunteer child advocacy association in the nation, Parent Teacher Association (PTA) reminds our country of its obligations to children and provides parents and families with a powerful voice to speak on behalf of every child while providing the best tools for parents to help their children be successful students.


At Sundance Elementary, our PTA is a wonderful group of volunteer parents whose primary goal is to enrich the learning environment on campus through various programs and activities.  If you would like to become involved, the PTA is always looking for volunteers.  To keep up on Sundance PTA events and news, please join our Facebook page.




Support your child and your school -
PTA is better ... with YOU!
By joining PTA,
  • You show your children that school matters, and that you are invested in their success. Three decades of research proves that students achieve higher grades, have better attendance and more consistently complete homework when parents are involved.
  • You demonstrate to your child that success in school is the pathway to college, a career and a productive life!
  • You partner with the principal, teachers and staff to make campus safe, welcoming, a hub of learning and a fun place to be.
  • You share in campus events and experiences that make your child’s school days more memorable!
  • You connect with other parents, and become part California State PTA and National PTA, the largest and most powerful children’s advocacy organization in the country.
  • You help make sure parents and family members have a seat at the table when important decisions that affect your school are made.

How to Join

Cost is $6.00 for each member plus $1.00 online convenience charge. You receive your membership card immediately and electronically.  Anyone can join PTA! Don't forget to include Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie and Uncle. Did you know that your student can also be a PTA member?  Join today! Join now!

Membership Perks

By joining the Sundance Elementary School PTA, you will be showing your children that you care about their education. You will also be part of a community of other parents, teachers and community members who care about your child's education. On top of those very important things, your PTA membership gives you a ton of perks! Check them out!


  • An opportunity for individual involvement in all areas of the well-being of children.
  • Learn about and be an active participant in what is going on at school.
  • Access through a national network to resources and guidance, and create assistance in dealing with local concerns.
  • Practical ideas for programs which benefit children, parents, and guard diverse communities.
  • Membership in a professional organization which provides training and development.

PTA Board 2020/2021

President: Shauna Houston
Treasurer: Cynthia Fernandez
Secretary: Amber McClure